I began this blog when I was 23 years old and my husband, Jesse was only 21. That was in December of 2007 when we decided that we wanted to bring a baby into our family. We had no idea all that decision entailed. Back then I had a false assumption that I was super-fertile and would get pregnant even while on birth control. Well, I was off of birth control for over a year, went through all of the fertility testing, and then was diagnosed with "unexplained infertility".

This past year has been one of the most difficult I have ever been through. I ran the emotional gauntlet on this issue, ranging from intense sadness and heartache to anger towards God to total peace about what He is doing. God began to show me how He was using my infertility as a ministry. It is my hope to share my testimony with others so that they may either be encouraged as they face their own infertility or educated as they learn what infertility entails. More than that, though, I hope that the things I share point others to God regardless of what they are going through.

When I first began this blog, the entries were kept private. But I have decided to open everything up in order to let people see the raw truth of the struggle. I strive to find the fine line between sharing the truth and sharing too much information. However, it is my desire to share my heart, regardless. And I have learned that there is never "too much information" in the world of infertility.

After being diagnosed with unexplained infertility on November 17, 2008, I was put on a round of 50mg of Clomid to strengthen the quality and quantity of my eggs. I suppose it was how God chose to work because I became pregnant that very cycle.

In order to be sensitive to those who are still going through infertility, I have opened up a new blog about my pregnancy. I am maintaining this one, though, hoping that it serves as a testimony to anyone who may be going through infertility at the time they come across my site. If you want to follow my life's journey, check out my other blogs. And if you would like, please don't hesitate to email me:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Two Peas in a Pod... Maybe?

“Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was barren. The LORD answered his prayer, and his wife Rebekah became pregnant... When the time came for her to give birth, there were twin boys in her womb.” (Genesis 25:21,24)

Ever since my doctor mentioned putting me on Comid, it has gotten me thinking about the possibility of conceiving twins. I have wanted twins ever since I was a little girl. Back in the day, I wanted just 2 kids, but I wanted them to be twins more than anything else. I just think the idea of it is so cool- such a rarity and phenomenon. I’ve always held on to the hope that my chances of having twins were pretty good considering that my dad is a twin himself and that my mom has brothers who are fraternal twins. And, when I began to struggle through the journey of infertility, I secretly wondered if when God answered my prayers, He would answer them in abundance. Anyone who knows me, I hope knows that my heart truly just wants a baby. And I would be overjoyed with simply having one. However, I think twins would be an extra special little gift.

But when my doctor said that if I wasn’t pregnant this month, she was probably going to prescribe Clomid for me, I began to dig a little deeper into the statistical chances of me REALLY having twins! Here’s what I’ve found out:

In just the general population, there is a 3% chance of having twins, or 3 in every 100 babies are twins.

Factors that I already have which do increase my chances of twins are:
*Your mother or grandmother having or being fraternal twins. It indicates that they may release more than one egg in ovulation and that you may inherit such a gene. My grandma had fraternal twins, so this does increase my chances.
*Having a Body Mass Index of 30 or higher gives you a significantly higher chance of twins. Sad to admit, but I do fall into this category as well.

Then when you add in fertility treatments:
*Fertility enhancing treatments, specifically drugs that stimulate ovulation can increase your chances to be as high as 1 in 38. Others estimate that using the drug Clomid increases your chances to 1 in 5 (about 20%).
*By itself, most sources say that Clomid causes twin pregnancies about 10% of the time. (Triplet & quadruplet pregnancies occur less than 1% of the time.)
*Some practitioners actually prescribe Clomid to help someone get pregnant with twins even if they do not suffer from infertility. It’s hard to find such a doctor, but they do exist.

Combined Factors:
*I found one woman who said that because of having twins on both sides of her family and the slight increased chance Clomid gives, her doctor gave her a 50% chance of having twins!
*Women who take Clomid when they do not have trouble ovulating have an increased risk of getting pregnant with twins.
*Women who are younger than 25 have an increased chance of having twins.

So, if the woman who had only 2 of those factors was given a 50% chance of having twins, what about me? I have FIVE factors!
*A family history of twins
*A high BMI
*Fertility drugs (possibly)
*Being under 25 years old
*And already ovulating on my own

I tried to find anything that might give me a percentage number, but couldn’t get any results. Perhaps when my doctor does prescribe it, she will give me some indication of the likelihood that I may have twins.

P.S. While I would be stoked beyond all get out about having twins, Jesse is fairly frightened. Oh well! He’ll adjust! :-)

And, while I’m speaking of Clomid, I did find out that 95% of pregnancies that occur with Clomid, occur within 6 months. So, if you don’t get pregnant within 6 months of bring on the drug, the drug by itself probably isn’t going to help you. This makes sense as to why Dr. York said she would refer us to the Reproductive Endocrinologist after 6 months, who would combine the Clomid with artificial insemination.

The only downside to it all is that Clomid has some nasty side effects, including mood swings, hot flashes, and headaches (which I hear happen most often). It can also cause hostile cervical mucous which counteracts pregnancy by killing sperm, and it also things the uterine lining which prevents implantation or causes early miscarriages. These two things happen in 30% of women who take them. My biggest fear is taking a drug that makes things worse for me considering that I already do ovulate. Most women who take this drug, don’t ovulate on their own, which means it is impossible for them to get pregnant. Therefore, even the nasty side effects are worth it because it gives them their only chance of conceiving. Since my story is different, it’s something I’ll really have to consider. Having said that, some women don’t experience any side effects (just like any medication one could take), and I think it’s worth giving it a shot, considering I could always stop taking it if I needed to.

So, as long as there’s no underlying factor that we have yet to find, I have a REALLY high chance of getting pregnant within the next 6 months, due to this being my 2nd year of trying to conceive and the possible fertility treatments. I don’t want to get ahead of God in any way, but I can’t help but feeling excited since I believe that He’s been telling me to get ready for Him to move.

In anticipation, I have bought several picture frames. Nearly a year ago, I made one for my future son with his name on it. I decided to go ahead and make 3 more with the other names we have picked out. I know that I may not have that many kids or those specific genders, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. I also bought a bigger frame to put in the future nursery. I want it to have a quote or something on it which depicts the anticipation of our future baby.

I’ll try to post pictures when they are done. :-)


maw82 said...

Hey girl! I know exactly how you feel about this situation! Me too would I love to have more than one baby inside of me! I think that is a miracle itself!!! I have been on Clomid for over 2 years now and when I did the IUI and clomid I really thought I mite have more than one but there was only one little heartbeat and that was fine tho but I know the LORD will bless us double for our trouble!

The Baker's said...

Dido to that.I have always dreams of having twins and being done as well. I will take what the Lord gives I am not going to be to picky since it has been a struggle to get pregnant. I was pregnant the first time with twins, and I found out that they run on my husbands side.

I pray that the Clomid works for you.

Jennifer said...

Wow. I could have written this myself! I'm 24, we've been trying for 16 months, I ovulate on my own but it's not a "strong" ovulation, and I've always wanted to have babies, since I was old enough to know that's what I wanted! I was always the little girl with the baby dolls, the mother-hen to my siblings and friends. On top of that, I've always wanted multiples, and have had a strange sense that I would have them.

My doctor has prescribed Clomid and I start next week! We'll see! Best Wishes!